Life is good yet Mother Earth Screams


The art of seeing – why painting makes me observant

I was asked to make a video for a class of school kids aged 9-10 who were using my book Nature Speaks  to draw from. They were also learning about classification of animals and birds. Anyway I made the video I send to you now as part 2 .. the first video I was just talking and saying how birds are classified by the shape of their beaks. And to pay attention to this when drawing and then look up the bird to see what they eat. … and how drawing was a good thing to do as it makes you look more closely at everything.

I thought you may like to see where my paintings were done. 🤗  Video attached below. Its called ‚why painting makes me observant – the art of seeing‘

Why painting makes me observant – Small

Sue Stolberger

Mother Earth Screams (story excerpt in „Together Apart: A collection of human experiences“ www.hbkup.press.com, 2020)
I never expected to encounter a situation in which even the smallest gesture can be considered a risk … a hug, holding hands, resting a weary head on a loved one’s shoulder. This is now apparently considered taking a risk.

The world has started rebelling against us … and this is just the beginning. This pandemic is nothing but a reminder from Mother Earth who screams, “This is my house and you are just guests here …!”

Aadharsha Ilanchezhiyan is a Grade 8 student at Doha Modern Indian School. Her aspiration in life is to become a general surgeon and a singer/ songwriter.

Sue Stolberg, Tanzania (in English):
„… Your asking me about my thoughts on the world as we see it now… I think it is all so simple and its happening for a reason.. we need to wake up and change our ways. We are being given a golden chance now to do just that.

Its not governments, healthcare or supermarkets that keep us a live… its the planet… Mother Nature… if we all start to work with Mother Nature instead of against her… we will thrive, it is incredibly simple… thats the problem.. everyone wants to make things complicated as they dont know how to make their brains stop, … just to stop for a second ….. and and look around them …. being so removed from nature in office towers and apartment buildings people have lost touch with themselves and nature. It is no ones fault it just is.

For me, I see this whole thing as a really positive time, it is a time for change, renewal, and rejuvenate to start a ‚NEW WOLD‘ That love and empathy will start operating in our lives as a driving force. The world as we knew it was old and tired, and very sick and built at an era that is no longer relevant.

Western diet is really, really unhealthy.!!! That is why so many western areas have suffered so much. Supermarket food should be banned as should fast food joints. Plus the air pollution… it was in the big cities that most people died… so air pollution has to be a main contributer to the suffering there. Bus drivers, garbage collectors etc etc.. that coupled with no means to eat healthily has paid its toll. Sitting in traffic all day breathing fumes.. people dont smell it any more… eating chips and hamburgers …its so normal we don’t realize the damage we do to ourselves!!

That is where the world needs to wake up first.. change the way we farm and change the way western people eat and change the way we move around. Organic food and solar/alternative energy is the way to go.

Right now it is not possible for ordinary people in cities to eat proper food…it is too expensive! That is an INSANE way for the planet to operate!! How can proper food be too expensive?… food and water is an essential part of life.. who is controlling this??.. Its the money game that people are lost in.. believing that bits of paper with numbers on it are more important than life itself?

Its everyone who needs to embrace the facts about the poisons in our food and in our environment.

No one is excluded ….. most of the world don’t really get it as they think medicine will keep them from getting sick….that is a total dream and a huge money making business that those in charge want to keep going for their own benefit. Granted, there are a few things that need medicines like Malaria, but really the epidemics of cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc is totally diet related. Doctors will never tell you this though, as they only learn about medicine not about health. It is not their fault it is how the system trains people.

As we have seen from the Covid 19 outbreak… our immunities are way down, and that is due to what we eat… and the air we breath ….thats all…those are the major contributing factors.

Our bodies are geared to heal themselves but we need to feed it the right stuff to make it healthy to work properly..it has become almost impossible to do this without costing a fortune which is insane! I see this as a time to join together, a time to be hopeful and full of enthusiasm for change. And the GOOD news is we hold these changes in our purses. We can effect a change now and every day!

We can start with each time we go to the supermarket.. we always have a choice to help us thrive or to make the problem worse.. eat organic, dont buy packaged food, chose carefully your washing powders and soaps and lotions, all these are loaded with toxins for you and the planet. All products made with white flour should be banned, as should ready made food for the microwave. The list is endless and we eat it all without a thought!

Smiling and being full of joy for being on this beautiful planet and to be alive.. it is something we need to embrace and remind ourselves each morning when we wake up… life is good… feel it in your heart…. Mother Nature is asking us to change our ways NOW (not in 2050) and each one of us can and should heed to this very important message. lets make it into a really positive thing, one of happiness and joy and start NOW!!. We CAN change the world!

Sue Stolberger